.In our FreeBass Cube 10P subwoofers, we have used low-tone speakers with parameters suit most car radio and amplifier models. Speaker membranes made of IMPP composite were additionally metallised, which significantly increase their stiffness and the damping of internal resonances. The light and stiff membrane is driven by a two-layer coil wound with a copper wire on an aluminium carcass. Such a solution ensuresthe high efficiency of the system, low deformations and high power. The large ventilated magnet system ensures that the speaker parameters are adequately suited to the assumed volume of the casing. The applied Bass-Reflex tunnel tunes the resonant system so that as deep a bass descent as possible is provided without the loss of quality and pulse speed.

  • Music Power: 100W
  • Maximum power: 200W
  • P.M.P.O power (instantaneous): 500W
  • LPF Frequency Response ON: 28-150Hz
  • Speaker diameter: 8
  • Low-pass filter: 150Hz
  • Efficiency (1m/2,83V): 91db
  • Impedance: 400hm