GPS navigácie

  • Freebird 50.9BT

    GPS navigation with a 5-inch, multi-channel, very sensitive GPS receiver and Bluetooth handsfree car kit

  • Freebird 50.9

    Simple, intuitive navigation with a 5-inch screen and built-in FM transmitter

  • Freebird 50.7HD-DVBT

    Has a GPS receiver with a high-definition 5" screen and the Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial (DVB-T MPEG4) functionality

  • Freebird 50.6HD

    GPS navigation with a 5-inch HD screen. The resolution of 800x480 pixels offers a bigger fragment of a map and comfortable use of multimedia functions

  • Freebird 50.4HD-BT

    GPS navigation with a 5-inch HD screen. The handsfree kit functionality is thanks to the built-in Bluetooth module

  • Freebird 50.3

    Fast and precise navigation with power-efficient 500MHz processor. The system comes with a 5" screen, 128MB RAM and 4GB flash memory

  • Freebird 43.3

    The 500MHz processor with a 4.3-inch screen and multi-channel GPS receiver allows fast and precise navigation.

  • FreeBird 5 WiFi

    Multifunkčné zariadenie Vám nahradí v aute tablet, navigáciu a kameru do auta.